The Secret to Boosting Your Immune System: A Healthy Gut

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Here’s a surprising fact! There are more bacterial cells in your body than body cells. They are everywhere from on your skin to in your intestines. A vast majority of these bacterial cells are found in your gut. But perhaps even more surprising is the fact that the bacterial cells in your gastrointestinal system interact actively with your immune cells. This interaction can impact either positively or negatively depending on the balance between your gut microbiome and your immune cells.

Immune Cells And Your Gut Bacteria

According to some experts, up to 70% of the immune cells present in your body are located in your gut. Your immune cells live side by side with the diverse bacteria present in your gastrointestinal system. Some of the bacteria in your intestinal system are good and healthy, while others are bad. We are still learning about how the immune system interacts with gut bacteria, but there are indications that the interaction between them has evolved in a way that helps to manage the balance between harmful pathogens and those that are beneficial to the body.

You Are What You Eat

Here at Anew Vita, our experts believe that what you eat has a direct impact on the composition and diversity of your gut microbiome and this can, in turn, affect your immune system. This is why you need to pay attention to what you eat. For instance, eating more high-fiber foods can help you maintain an ideal balance of good gut bacteria which is healthy for your immune system. It also helps to reduce the risk of inflammatory response in your gut. If the diversity of your gut microbiome is affected due to the high consumption of processed foods, animal proteins, and saturated fats, you are likely to experience inflammation and chronic disorders. 

Limit Artificial Sweeteners

We are facing an artificial food epidemic and despite continued advocacy for people to limit it, there seems to be no end in sight. Research shows that consuming too many artificial sweeteners negatively impacts your gut microbiome. For the health of your gut and your immune system in general, it may be best to do away with artificial sweeteners entirely.

Take Supplements

Sometimes, what you eat alone may not supply all the ingredients needed to boost the health and balance of your gastrointestinal system. This is where supplements come into the picture. Dietary supplements such as Royal jelly from Anew Vita (a specialized food secreted by bees to feed their queen and their larvae) are formulated specifically for maintaining gut health and boosting the immune system. Others like Bitter Melon concentrate and Flaxseed oil supplement also help to prevent inflammatory response and support overall digestive health.

What you eat has a profound effect on the overall health of your gut as well as your immune system. Ensuring that you consume a balanced and healthy diet is the first step to taking care of your gut and staying healthy at all times. Shop for supplements to boost your immune system from Anew Vita today!

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