4 Benefits of Cissus: Supporting Your Bone Health and Wellbeing

At Anew Vita, we want to help you get back to your roots with the natural healing properties of Cissus. This plant-based dietary supplement has been used since ancient times as a way to help heal bone fractures, as well as act as a tonic and analgesic. Here are four ways Cissus gives your body the boost it needs.

photo of Cissus powder product

Muscle Health

Cissus can be an effective supplement to keep your muscle tissue strong. The NCBI conducted a study that shows creatine helps keep muscle tissue healthy by increasing aging muscle mass through the possible influence it has on high-energy phosphate metabolism. Cissus has been known to increase these intramuscular creatine levels, thereby playing a role in strengthening the tissue.
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Bone Health

Cortisol is the hormone released when the body is under stress. This hormone can block bone-building cells from creating new bone, leading to weaker bone development. Cissus prevents this by supporting GR antagonists that counteract the effects of cortisol. You can help your body help itself by giving it the support it needs.

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Weight Management

Weight is a big factor when it comes to being healthy. The extra fat can put stress on your bones and muscles while increasing your chances for heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and other harmful ailments. Take the first step to managing your weight with Cissus. This NCBI study shows that Cissus has anti-lipase and anorexiant properties that reduce the absorption of dietary fats and can increase the feeling of fullness by enhancing serotonin levels. So you can feel more satisfied with smaller portions of food.

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Overall Wellbeing

By managing your weight and promoting your overall bone and muscle health, you will be able to do more of the things you want to do. This, in turn, will help increase your overall happiness and make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle.


Cissus is a plant stem extract that has been relied on for its healing properties throughout history. With it, you can keep your body in peak condition by giving it the support it needs to heal itself. Start living better and shop Cissus today!