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About Us

Amidst today’s growing artificiality and noise,
Life’s clutter obscures simplicity.
The path towards health becomes complicated.

We simplify this journey
Through our commitment, transparency and curatorship, 
To bring you a modern health solution. 

Made with intentional care and expertise,
We meticulously source and formulate our products,
With only the purest ingredients. 

In our commitment to authenticity,
We prioritize transparency. 
What you see is what you get.

Each step of the way, from start to finish,
Our team is there to deliver quality care in every formulation,
Curating your supplements with highly selective attention.

Rooted in nature and science,
Our ingredients are elevated by the latest innovations,
Enhancing what’s good into something better.

Empower your health with Anew Vita.


Anew Vita is an American dietary supplement company, based in Southern California, that makes quality supplements with thoughtful formulations. All of our supplements are made in USA with domestic and imported ingredients. Our business philosophy is simple: 
  • Use quality ingredients and reduce unnecessary additives and fillers. 
  • Be open and transparent. 
  • Practice environmental sustainability. 
  • Spread happiness by helping people live a healthy, vibrant life.

We believe a happy life entails a balance of mind and body through self care. Our diet and how we supplement our nutrition is a crucial element to our health. Our supplements are mindfully made with the intention to foster human well being and nutrition awareness. Anew Vita means a new life.


We are continually improving and evolving as a company to make great supplements. Transparency is key to making honest products and building trust. We want to share our company goals and outlook to show what is important to us. Find out who we are working with, where we currently are as a company, and where we are headed! Read more about us below. 


We teamed up with the Non-GMO Project to verify our products because we believe in transparency. Everyone should know what is in their food or supplements. NGP is a non-profit organization offering rigorous product verification and  trustworthy education that empowers people to care for themselves, the planet, and future generations. Currently, Anew Vita is in the process of receiving certifications for all our products that meet the NGP standards.

Non-GMO Project Verified remains the market leader for GMO avoidance. The Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program is the most rigorous and trusted in North America, with nearly 60,000 Verified products. Learn more about the project and take a look at our current certified products at


Below, you can see a list of certifications we currently have or are projected to receive. Our team is working diligently with third party organizations to bring to you clean and honest products. Look for these symbols on our products in the near future!

  • GMP Certified : All our products are made in manufacturing facilities that have the Good Manufacturing Practice Certification. All of our products adhere to regulatory commitments and compliances set by the government.

  • Non-GMO Verified (in development) : Currently some of our products have been verified for genetically modified organism avoidance. We are in the process of receiving certifications for all our products that meet the NGP standards.
  • Vegan Certification (Coming Soon) : For our products that do not contain any animal or animal byproducts or chemical products tested on animals, we will be working with to receive certification. 
  • Gluten Free Certification (Coming Soon) : For our products that do not contain any gluten, we will be working with NSF to receive certification. For more info, visit