Must-Have Vitamins to Support an Active Lifestyle

In addition to incorporating exercise and nutritious foods into your life, vitamins can help support your overall wellbeing and active lifestyle goals. Many people currently do not get all the nutrition they need from the foods they eat, leaving them facing vitamin deficiencies. At Anew Vita, we make meeting nutritional intakes easy with our all-natural supplements and vitamins. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of taking vitamins to support your active lifestyle, and shop our line of all-natural supplements for added nutrition. 

Start With Core Nutrients 

When looking for nutritional natural supplements to support your lifestyle, it is important to keep in mind these core nutrients: multivitamins, Vitamin D3, and omega-3s. A quality multivitamin is a good way to ensure you are hitting your daily nutritional needs, especially when taking on a new fitness routine, but if you are looking for specific natural supplements to boost your core nutrient intake omega-3 is a good place to start. This natural supplement supports joints, cardiovascular health, and brain health-restoring inflammation responses.

Add Amino Acids 

To build muscle, not only do you have to focus on strengthening exercises, but also your protein intake. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Lysine is a great natural supplement required for growth and tissue repair. It also supports the immune system, connective tissues, oral tissues, and calcium absorption.  

Vitamin D For Overall Health

As mentioned previously, Vitamin D is a core nutrient necessary for overall well being. You get Vitamin D from going outside and enjoying the sunshine, but many people find themselves deficient in this nutrient. Our Vitamin D3 natural supplements help to maintain bone strength and cardiovascular system health and boost your immune system. 

Essential Cal-Mag

Calcium and magnesium play an important role in aiding our active lifestyle. As you are likely aware, calcium supports our bones and teeth, energy production, and cardiovascular and immune health. Magnesium supports bone and cardiovascular health, nerve conduction, nutrient metabolism, muscle functions, and other important functions in the body. Now you can get the benefits of both of these essential nutrients in one natural supplement!

Whether you are looking to add in a few daily walks or revamp your entire workout routine, Anew Vita has the natural supplements you need to foster and boost your active lifestyle. Shop our line of natural supplements today!