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Vital Liver Health Product Details


Antioxidant Support

Our supplement contains plant-based ingredients like Milk Thistle Silybin, Curcumin, Artichoke, and Glutathione that effectively control oxidative stress.* This plays a crucial role in aiding the detoxification process.

Trademarked Ingredients

Our formula employs Siliphos® and Meriva ®, two trademarked ingredients with potent concentration ratios of 120:1 and 30:1, respectively. These powerful botanical formulations have been clinically proven to deliver optimal protection and support to your liver.*

Increased Absorption Biotechnology

Phytosome™ and Liposomax™ biotechnology encase the nutrients in a protective shell until they are safely absorbed by your cells, optimizing your body's uptake of the nutrients for maximum benefit.t.

What sets us apart

Innovative Phytosome™ and Liposomax™ technology surround our nutrient-dense botanical compounds and our Glutathione with a protective phospholipid shell. Phospholipids are an essential, natural component of human cells, meaning that our bodies can easily absorb them. Encasing our ingredients in a phospholipid shell ensures optimal absorption of nutrients for maximum benefits