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Norwegian rTG Omega-3 Product Details


The Purest Form of Omega-3

The re-esterification process used in EPAX Norwegian fish oil restores the DHA and EPA to their more natural Triglyceride form. This makes it so that the Omega-3 fish oil is more easily absorbed by our body compared to commonly seen standard ethyl ester Omega-3s in the market.*

Heart, Mind, and Eye Support

Omega-3 can support heart health by regulating triglyceride levels and blood pressure.* Omega-3 is also helpful for proper cognitive function as the brain contains high concentrations of fatty acids.* The retina of the eye also contains high levels of DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, and studies show that fatty acids may alleviate dry eye symptoms and mitigate the risk of eye pressure.*

Only One Capsule per Day

While popular alternatives require 2-3 capsules, our premium fish oil supplement is triple strength and requires just one easy-to-swallow soft gel to get 1200mg of your essential Omega-3 nutrients. 

What Sets Us Apart

Our Norwegian fish oil is crafted by EPAX, an establishment with over 200 years of experience formulating the best marine ingredients. EPAX fish oil comes from small, cold-water fish with short lifespans, ensuring less accumulation of impurities and heavy metal pollution. Our Omega-3 supplements are equipped with a concentration of 900 mg EPA+DHA, ensuring that your body is receiving the highest and purest quality nutrients.