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Ingredient Details


-Innovative Formulation

While typical high-dose vitamin C supplements may cause side effects and exhibit suboptimal absorption, Pureway C is a unique form of vitamin C designed to work with the body’s natural chemistry to absorb more nutrients.

-Multiple Benefits 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects cells, maintains connective tissue and supports collagen formulation. Vitamin C is essential for supporting the immune system, brain and heart function, and cellular health. Our formula enhances these benefits with the addition of Vitamin D3 and Zinc, which are crucial for healthy cell function and the immune system.

-Clinically Proven

PureWay C® is fully backed by published, peer-reviewed research. Tested in four clinical trials, PureWay C® has been found to outperform other forms of Vitamin C, with studies showing higher levels of Vitamin C in groups that took PureWay C® as opposed to other standard vitamin C supplements.

What sets us apart

Anew Vita uses PureWay C®, which has been proven to have a 233% higher retention rate compared to other standard ascorbate vitamin C products.* PureWay C® achieves this high level of absorbability and retention by blending with fatty acids, which are then more easily recognized by our cells and thus more readily absorbed. Additionally, PureWay C® is made with citrus bioflavonoids, which act as a natural defensive shield for Vitamin C against oxidation.



Vitamin C (PureWay C®)

Benefits:  Vitamin C provides the ascorbic acid necessary for the immune system to function. PureWay-C is a trademarked ingredient that uses innovative technology to improve and retain Vitamin C benefits in our body.

Vitamin D3

Benefits: Vitamin D aids the immune system and boosts cell function by activating T cells that detect and destroy harmful pathogens. Vitamin D supports bone health by increasing the production of calcium-binding proteins.                       


Benefits: Zinc benefits healthy cell development and boosts the immune system, including the function of white blood cells. Taken together, vitamin C and zinc have a beneficial synergistic effect on your immune system.