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Probiotics Product Details


Enriched with Zinc

When taken with Probiotics, Zinc can support immune function and gut function, reinforce gastrointestinal lining, and promote normal digestion.

Digestive Comfort

Our Probiotic supplement may support IBS relief by controlling bloating and acid reflux.* Additional benefits may include support for lactose intolerance, gas, and constipation, which can help regain digestive comfort and well-being.*

Only One Capsule per Day
While popular alternatives require 2-3 capsules per day, our Complete Probiotic Blend offers 20 billion CFU of highly absorbable, gut-friendly Probiotics with just one capsule.

What sets us apart

Our 10-strain Probiotics are coated in 4 layers to minimize the loss of Probiotics during their distribution and increase their viability. Each layer functions to maximize effectiveness: 

Primary (Inner) Layer - A water-soluble polymer that blocks out external air and combines the coating agents.

Secondary Layer - A hyaluronic acid that helps Probiotics to adhere to the mucosal wall.

Tertiary Layer - A porous particle that blocks external moisture and humid air.

Quaternary (Outer) Layer - A protein that fills up the pores to increase the stability of Probiotics