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Policosanol Product Details


Supports Lipid Metabolism
Policosanol targets your cholesterol by promoting healthy lipid metabolism, which involves the breakdown of fatty acids and the maintenance of lipid levels.

Targets “Bad Cholesterol”
Several studies have shown that Policosanol may normalize LDL levels, or “bad cholesterol”. By maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, Policosanol can help support overall heart health.*

Platelet Function
Policosanol aids the cardiovascular system by promoting healthy platelet function, which helps limit blood clots and supports healthy blood pressure.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Policosanol is a certified non-GMO product. Crafted with a focus on preserving natural integrity, this product is made from ingredients that remain unaltered by genetic modification. Our rigorous verification process ensures that the product maintains its non-GMO status, ensuring that you are receiving the most natural and quality ingredients for your body. With a high concentration of 40mg Policosanol per serving, Anew Vita Policosanol also boasts maximum dosage and efficacy.