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D3 + K2 Product Details


Bone Health
Vitamin D3 increases the production of calcium-binding proteins. Vitamin K activates these proteins so they can be integrated into your bones, improving Bone Mineral Density.*

Cardiovascular Health
Vitamin K2 deters excess calcium from being deposited into the cardiovascular system, optimizing steady blood flow and heart health.*

Immune System
Vitamin D stimulates the production of peptides that can keep harmful bacteria at bay which protects the immune system.* Vitamin K2 supplement has been shown to mitigate plaque formation and may control damage to your blood vessels.*

What sets us apart:

Our Vitamin D3 and K2 are nature-inspired, trademarked ingredients. VegD3® is certified Organic Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) made from algae. VegD3® provides Vitamin D in the form that the body naturally produces. K2VITAL® is made through a patented organic synthesis process in Norway. Unlike many other forms of K2, K2VITAL® is 99.7% all-bioactive, meaning that it can effectively activate Vitamin K dependent proteins like Vitamin D3.