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Product Description - Vital Liver


-Antioxidant Support

Our supplement contains plant-based ingredients like Milk Thistle Silybin, Curcumin, Artichoke, and Glutathione that effectively control oxidative stress.* This plays a crucial role in aiding the detoxification process.

-Trademarked Ingredients

Our formula employs Siliphos® and Meriva®, two trademarked ingredients with potent concentration ratios of 120:1 and 30:1, respectively. These powerful botanical formulations have been clinically proven to deliver optimal protection and support to your liver.*

-Increased Absorption Biotechnology

Phytosome™ and LiposoMax® biotechnology encase the nutrients in a protective shell until they are safely absorbed by your cells, optimizing your body's uptake of the nutrients for maximum benefit.

What sets us apart

Innovative Phytosome™ and LiposoMax® technology surround our nutrient-dense botanical compounds and our Glutathione with a protective phospholipid shell. Phospholipids are an essential, natural component of human cells, meaning that our bodies can easily absorb them. Encasing our ingredients in a phospholipid shell ensures optimal absorption of nutrients for maximum benefits.


Siliphos® Milk Thistle Silybin Phytosome™

From: Italy

Benefits: With an extract ratio strength of 120:1, our clinically tested Silybin protects liver cells from free radical damage, strengthens the liver’s cell membrane, and helps maintain the liver’s built-in antioxidant system.* Phytosome™ technology optimizes absorption and effectiveness.


Meriva® Curcumin Phytosome™

From: Italy

Benefits: With an extract ratio strength of 30:1, our clinically tested Curcumin cleanses the liver of harmful elements, as well as provides support for joint, GI, and cardiovascular functions.* Phytosome™ technology optimizes absorption and effectiveness.


Artichoke Extract

From: Spain

Benefits: Artichoke extract provides support for fatty liver and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.* Our Artichoke extract is created through water extraction, which can be a safer, non-toxic method alternative to chemical extraction.


LiposoMax Liposomal Glutathione

From: U.S.

Benefits: LiposoMax delivers Glutathione to the liver in liposomal form, protecting the crucial antioxidant during digestion. Glutathione supports detoxification in the liver by protecting liver cells and neutralizing toxins to be flushed out.