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Cissus Product Details


Promotes Healthy Bones

Cissus quadrangularis is a plant that naturally contains a high content of antioxidants that may stimulate healing and regenerative properties in the bone.*

Support Muscle Health

Cissus has been known to increase intramuscular creatine levels, which allows your muscles to work more efficiently and effectively during bursts of intense activities.* 

Healthy Weight Management

Cissus may work as a natural diet aid.* Studies suggest that Cissus may have appetite-suppressing effects and a positive impact on metabolism.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Cissus Stem Extract Capsules is a certified non-GMO product. Crafted with a focus on preserving natural integrity, this product is made from ingredients that remain unaltered by genetic modification. Our rigorous verification process ensures that the product maintains its non-GMO status, ensuring that you are receiving the most natural and quality ingredients for your body.